Carpet padding helps to make your carpet a lot easier and manageable to clean. It can also help in prolonging the lifespan of your carpets. However, there are numerous kinds of carpet padding. And trying to decide which carpet padding to use could be overwhelming at the beginning. Since this part of the process is important, you need to know what the different types of carpet paddings are so that you can determine what will work for you most. Here are some of them:

Frothed Foam Pad

This type of padding is very durable and could last for more than the lifetime of the carpet. If you want to have your carpet replaced, you might not even require to replace your padding once you own a frothed foam pad. This pad is comfortable, long-lasting, and durable, which makes them a great option for homeowners. Though they could be expensive.

Rebond padding

This padding similarly balances the cost and quality. It’s created from recycled materials. And it performs a great job in terms of aiding your carpet, which is just right for its price.

Prime foam pad

The prime foam pad is usually what you get once you buy a carpet with free padding. This type of padding does not survive well in residential places. If you set up this padding in a busy area with high foot traffic, there’s a chance that it will not last for more than two years.

Flat rubber and waffle rubber pad

These paddings are extremely alike to the rebond padding. However, they are quite more costly. They are usually utilized over concrete. Hence, they are not best to be placed in a residential home that has a wooden floor.

Fiber pad

You can select between natural and synthetic fiber carpet padding if we talk about fiber pad. But, it is highly suggested to opt for synthetic fiber over the natural one since the latter is more prone to mold.

Memory foam pad

This type of pad is very comfy to walk on, which makes them a great option for households with kids or people who have bad joints. Compared to the rebond padding, the memory foam pad is comfier, however, it is basically won’t last long since they aren’t that durable.

If you have already decided what works for your home after reading all the options above, you probably want to have that particular carpet installed. If that’s the case, now is the perfect time be time to reach out to the flooring experts near you so that you can talk about the chances of re-carpeting your floor.

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