Regardless if you are accountable for a short driveway or a large parking lot, when we talk about your asphalt paving, the last thing you would want is to keep on maintaining it. Even if asphalt seems to be durable enough to endure several vehicles that keep on traveling along the highway every day, it can still be destructed. Aside from that, cold asphalt usually tends to be more brittle compared to hot asphalt. Hence, you need to prepare it a bit to help maximize its performance during the cold season. To help you maintain your asphalt paving, we are here to provide you some of the helpful tips you can consider doing:

Get rid of debris and inspect for standing water

Before the cold season comes in, you need to have your driveway be cleaned thoroughly and inspect if there’s standing water. Any debris that will remain on the surface as the temperature lowers might freeze and could eventually lead to damage, particularly if it has chemicals on it that can make asphalt weak. Removing standing water and cleaning debris can encourage safe and efficient removal of snow.

Apply sealant

To protect your asphalt pavement from the elements, you need to ask your paving contractor to put an effective sealant to it. Sealant gives additional protection later that stops the damage from melting ice and snow, as well as motor oil, gasoline, deicers, and sunlight.

Repair holes and cracks

If your asphalt has potholes or cracks, it would be better to look for a paving contractor near you and employ him/her to repair them. Letting ice and snow to penetrate on damaged parts of your asphalt paving makes them bigger, which results in more costly and challenging repairs.

Utilize markers to secure from snowplows

Place some reflective markets to let everybody know where your pavement starts. This is helpful to prevent destructive snow plows to intrude on your asphalt.

Prevent de-icing products

Rather than using de-icing products, it is highly recommended to get your shovel and remove snow from the driveway in needed. A lot of de-icing products contain rock slat, which can weaken the asphalt’s binders. This could lead to premature wear and tear. If you really have to use a de-icer, you should choose one that won’t infiltrate the surface of the driveway, like potassium chloride.

However, if you think your paving needs some repairing and you want help with this, you must reach out to the paving experts near you so that you can talk about the chances of fixing your pavements for you.

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